Site Selection Checklist

So, you want to purchase or build a building…

You are excited, and you have potentially identified a parcel of land or building, or maybe you are just starting to look.

George C. Hopkins Construction Co., Inc. has identified over one hundred items on our Site Selection Check List. Here are just a few that may help you in your evaluation:

  • Land/Building Cost and Financing
  • Zoning Designation of the Property
  • Required Set Back
  • Offsite Improvements (streets, storm drains, curbs, street lights, etc.)
  • Land Topography/Drainage
  • Soils Conditions/Water Table/Toxic Issues
  • Site Configuration
  • Accessibility
  • Government Attitude toward your Industry
  • Architectural Controls placed on the property by Government and Local Associations
  • Easements
  • Available Utilities
  • Earthquake Risk
  • City Taxes
  • Mass Transit

It is rarely wise to purchase a site or building location solely on data made available by the seller.

One of the many services Hopkins provides to assist in analyzing land or an existing building and whether or not it is right for you.

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