Seismic Upgrades

If you have read the newspapers or listened to the radio lately, seismic, earthquake retrofitting, or seismic upgrades, as they are often called is a hot topic.

Concrete buildings/Tilt-Ups, Wood-Frame “soft story” structures and unreinforced masonry structures are especially at risk.

The City of Los Angeles is currently working on a new ordinance. They are even considering going as far as identifying and publishing building addresses. In doing so a side affect could be that you might get less rent for your space if you are on the “list” and have not retrofitted your structure.

Long before the Northridge earthquake, long before the Whittier earthquake Hopkins was leading the way in seismic retrofitting. When the 1971 Sylmar earthquake occurred George Hopkins was immediately sought after to evaluate the damages.

When the City of Glendale Parking Structure failed in the Northridge earthquake Hopkins was their first phone call. For the City of Glendale and many private Owners and Developers like them, we provided temporary shoring, designed, the fix and completed the repair.

Almost every Adaptive Reuse project has a seismic upgrade component. While we are not engineers we understand the issues, techniques and costs for the seismic upgrades to all of these structures and have completed hundreds of seismic upgrades to many different types of structures. Should you need an engineer we are happy to recommend one that is appropriate for your project and work in a negotiated format to offer pre-construction and construction services.